Sugar Skull Cookies

Halloween is just around the corner! It's one of my favorite times of the year. I love the falling leaves, the Halloween decorations, the scary movies, and of course making Halloween themed desserts. For this year, I’ve made a bunch of different cookie sets. I have 10 sets that I designed. Click the link below to check them out.

For this blog, I will take you behind the scenes of how I made my Sugar Skull cookies. And I have to say, these were my favorite to make! To me, decorating cookies is so relaxing. I just love it! And I really enjoyed the technique I used for this set.

I actually used two different recipes to make all of my Halloween cookies. A pumpkin spice and an apple spice recipe to keep with the fall theme. Both recipes came from SemiSweet Mike. I will post links to the recipes below. I’ll post a link to the royal icing recipe as well.

Once I had all the cookies baked that I needed, I organized them by shapes and what colors I would be using. This helps the process of decorating to go quicker and keeps everything organized. So for example, when I started working on the sugar skulls, I put all of the skeleton shapes together on a baking sheet. Since I was really only using white royal icing for the decorations, there wasn’t much organizing I had to do for this set.

Photo Oct 03, 4 59 42 PM.jpg

To begin decorating, with stiff consistency royal icing you need to make an outline to keep the icing from running off the cookie.

Photo Oct 04, 4 30 34 PM.jpg

Once you have outlined the cookies, you will then flood them. This process means you will have a wetter consistency for the royal icing. To do this, you just add some water to the icing and mix together.

I always think of this process like you are coloring in a book. You need to stay in the lines and fill the whole cookie. Just like the picture below. This is what a flooded cookie looks like.

Photo Oct 03, 4 59 42 PM.jpg

  Once you are completed with the flooding process, make sure you give the cookie enough time to dry. This usually takes about 6-8 hours to completely dry. Then you will be able to move onto the next step.

After your cookies are completely dried, you are ready to finish decorating your cookies. Now you can either decorate your cookies by piping icing onto the cookie or use a food safe marker. I happened to use the food safe marker technique. This is a quicker process because you don’t have to allow much time for the icing to dry. I also haven’t used that process much either and just wanted to try something different.

With the sugar skull, I did look at some different pictures online to draw some inspiration of what I wanted to ‘kreate.’ I looked at some other cookie designs and also different makeup techniques that some people used. I wanted to make sure I was also using the right types of designs for the sugar skulls. Some of those designs include dots, fleurs, curlicues, lace, swirls, vines, flowers, spider webs.

And then I just went ahead and started designing my sugar skulls. I used different colors such as red, pink, blue, and black. I drew the eyes, nose, and mouth first. Then went ahead and made different designs with the various colors.

Photo Oct 05, 6 44 44 PM.jpg

Get creative and make your own designs. Have fun with it. I would say, to make sure you stick with the theme of sugar skulls, keep those key design types I mentioned before. The flowers, spider webs, dots, etc. But other than that, use different colors and draw some inspiration from other designs. You can keep it simple like I did or make lots of different designs on the cookie. But definitely make it your own. This is also a fun project to make with kids.

In the photo below, for the other two sugar skulls, I used a different technique. I actually used a stencil and stiff royal icing for the design. Then I painted the designs with teal, gold, and red.

Photo Oct 10, 7 59 23 PM.jpg


I hope you enjoyed this blog and that I’ve inspired you to create some of your own designs. If you do 'kreate' something, please share it with me. I would love to see what you come up with! : )

Happy Kreating!

Here are the links for the apple and pumpkin spice cookies:

Here is the link for the royal icing recipe I used:

Introduction :)

Hi Everyone! This is my first blog and I’m so excited to be sharing some of my tips and experiences with you. To introduce myself, my name is Kristen. :)  I’m the owner of Kristen’s Kreations. Currently, I run my cake business from home. I specialize in custom cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I love being ‘kreative’ and using food as a way to showcase art. I was always interested in cooking and baking, and finally in 2011 was able to start my career by enrolling in culinary school. I originally was majoring in just Culinary Arts, but then switched my major to Pastry Arts once I realized that I enjoyed that aspect so much more. That led me to working in a bakery, where I was able to put my skills to use and learn even more about baking and decorating. Once I started decorating cakes and cupcakes, I loved every minute of it. That also brought me into decorating cookies, which I have to say is the thing I probably enjoy the most. It’s so relaxing to me and I have really been able to increase my skills. I have to also say, that I really love what I do! I have now ventured out into building my own business, and even though this can bring many lows, the highs make it all worth it. I still have a long way to go in my journey. I’m only in the starting stages, but I know that if I stay focused and don’t lose myself to all those lows, I will come out successful. And I want to share all this with you. It’s definitely a scary thing to put yourself out there, but maybe with me sharing my story, my experiences, and my tips I’ll be able to help someone else out there who stumbles across this.

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect in the future. I’ll be sharing my experiences in starting a cake business. The ins and outs of what it will take to get started. What I will be doing to increase clients, my way to obtaining licensing, and building my own little bakery at home. I will also be sharing tips and different tools you will need to bake and decorate. I hope that you will come along with me on my journey! Stay tuned!  :)


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